Au Canada, à Clearview en Ontario, l'Atelier Kastelic Buffey (AKB) vient poser sur un terrain en pente ce chalet contemporain construit avec un budget réduit. Sa façade bardée de bois sombre contraste avec un intérieur de murs blancs aux espaces ouverts et structurés par des portes coulissantes.

Sur le Clearview Chalet, AKB précise:

"This chalet is embedded into the side of a slope, providing a one-storey elevation upon entry with long views to Nottawasaga Bay. The clients wanted a custom-designed, contemporary chalet, requiring minimal maintenance, to be realized on a tight budget with a condensed construction schedule. This emphasis on practicality and economy led to a single volume clad in board and batton with a low pitched, overhung metal roof. The result is a simple black form in the snow-blanketed landscape. This stark contrast to the winter terrain is inverted inside, where white walls and large window openings dissolve the interior into an abstraction with the pristine snow outside. A modest interior of concrete floors, sliding doors, a wood burning fireplace and custom oak cabinetry combined with prefabricated cabinets, provide a serene backdrop within a well-proportioned and quiet space."

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site d'AKB.

Photographies : Shai Gil

Source: Contemporist

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