Dans le quartier de Rathfarham à Dublin, l'agence Box Architecture a réalisé le centre paroissial Ballyroan, un lieu intime, spirituel et lumineux, tourné sur lui même, s'ouvrant sur un patio au centre duquel se dresse un chêne vieux de 25 ans.

Sur ce projet, Box Architecture précise:

"The initial idea was to create a spiritual building which was private; a solid element, which is carved out or punched to create light and privacy. A-25-year-old anniversary oak tree was to be retained and sparked off the idea to create a building arranged around internal courtyards with the oak tree located in the largest courtyard.  As this is a spiritual and sometimes private building, it was important that views in and out were controlled to avoid disturbances. To this end, openings are controlled to maintain this privacy.  Courtyards have obscure glass or are focused internally; openings with clear glass provide glimpses of the more public uses within the building adding a sense of mystery; Fully open able doors from the main hall provide a connection to the new plaza, the flush square window to the west to the large meeting room and the high level sky view window over the kitchen."

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Photographies : Box Architecture

Pour en savoir plus, visitez le site de Box Architecture.

Source: Architecturenewsplus

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