Au nord de Lausanne, dans la campagne suisse, Eligio Novello de l'agence d'architecture U15 a imaginé cette maison aux lignes acérées. Une longue lame de béton, tranchante, entre la route et l'horizon.

“The triangular lot is the last relict of a now urbanised former agricultural farmland.

Banalised by will-less constructions the area is bordered in the east by a busy rural road.

In midst the condensed mediocrity it is only towards the south east that the spectator obtains an interesting view. Framed by a farm and a beautiful old lime-tree one looks over the farmland nearby and the fertile hills of the Jura in the background.

Our building is the metaphor of the stone on the lawn - rooted in the ground despite of the trivial makeup of the suburban fabric, bound to erase all remnants of its sensible and respectable former nature.

The small construction, responding conspicuously to the abuse of the countryside is our reaction to a faceless housing estate without recognizable architectural intentions.

Due to the limited budget the concrete was poured into formwork made of OSB panels. The concrete roof, is sealed with liner sheets, according to the joints of the concrete sheathing.

With heavy rains, the water from the roof falls to the ground in front of the big main opening as a transparent artificial cascade. So what…?!”

Photographies: François Bertin, USPP

Pour en savoir plus sur U15 Novello Eligio Architecte, visitez le site de l'agence.

Source: Dailytonic

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