Under the direction of Ingeborg M. Rocker, GSD students at Harvard University projected a wooden brick wall assembled using a robotic arm. A full-scale experience rich in lessons.





A collaboration between computer aided design departments and computer aided construction of the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University, "On the Bri (n) ck" is a curved wall made of double wall of wooden bricks. 











A total 4 100 bricks have been stacked using a robotic arm to create this complex shape. The wall is in fact composed of 2 curved walls providing in-between a living space.











The form of the wall results from an algorithm taking into account the technical characteristics of the brick. The model performed tests the performance of brick as a building material, its ability to generate curves and porous surfaces such.









With this model to scale 1: 1, the students were able to experiment with forms, construction techniques, constraints and structural limitations such as in reality while highlighting the potential of digital techniques applied to manufacturing .




"On the Bri (n) ck" will be exposed in the Harvard University's Pit until June 30 2009.




Photo credits: Anita Kan




To learn more about Rocker-Lange Architects, visit their website.




sources: dezeen & GSD

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