Gary Chang, Hong-Kong of 46 years, transformed his studio 32 square meters in an amazing living space. Multiplying the technical tips, the space changes according to times of the day and offers an impressive number of uses for such a surface.

With sliding walls and furniture retractable, Gary Chang writes and reconstructs its space at will. In his "Domestic Transformer", a nod to these toys for children convertible into robots, the atmosphere is hi-tech. Between home theater and integrated sauna, black and stainless steel are everywhere, bathed in yellow light almost unreal due to tinted glazing treatment.

Gary Chang now intends to share its experience and see his ideas applied in new property developments. It has a tour his apartment in many promoters and told her story in the book "My 32m2 Apartment: A 30-Year Transformation" (MCCM Creations, 2008).

Source: nYTimes

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