Based in Marseille (13), Toulouse (31) and Paris (75), the multidisciplinary agency ARCHIK seeks to "put architecture back at the center of real estate" by offering goods for sale "for living" or "for renovate ”. Zoom on an agency that is changing the lines of real estate, architecture and design.

Founded by Amandine and Sébastien Coquerel in 2015, ARCHIK is a multidisciplinary agency that brings transversal skills combining real estate expertise, architectural project management and furniture edition. From the purchase of a property to interior decoration, sometimes including a renovation, ARCHIK supports its clients at every stage of their real estate purchase project.

ARCHIK selects real estate with high added value, and then offers these properties for sale "to live" or "to renovate". The “à vivre” architectures are turnkey accommodation such as apartments decorated by interior designers and atypical houses built by architects. The architectures “to renovate” bring together properties of character that require work, such as apartments and houses to renovate, or old factories to be rehabilitated into loft. When selling these “to renovate” properties, ARCHIK puts the owners in touch with architects and decorators, who imagine an interior in their image.

In addition to its two main activities, ARCHIK publishes creations signed by guest designers. At the option of these white cards, the creators lend themselves to the game of co-creation and design a unique piece, made in France and published by ARCHIK in a limited series. From his collaborations were born the office Opus) signed Nova Obiecta, the stool Module created by Binôme, the mirror Kihcra imagined by Charlotte Juillard, the portable lights Dota designed by Samy Rio and the pendant light Wave (s) from StudioFoam.

Currently nestled in an ephemeral space in the Haut-Marais, the Parisian branch ARCHIK will soon open a hybrid place, which will bring together an agency and a gallery.

To learn more, visit the ARCHIK agency website.

Visuals: © ARCHIK


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