In southern Poland, the construction of this modern project inspired by the De Stijl style, the famous artistic movement of the Netherlands, is nearing completion. Here, energy-efficient materials, unique architecture and a friendly and inspiring space for children are skilfully combined.

It is in the green district of Bielsko-Biala, in the south of Poland, that this kindergarten is installed. Nearby are recreation areas, which are undoubtedly a highlight of this place. Built in the Canadian style, from an existing building, the new structure has also been enlarged thanks to a timber frame extension.

The Dutch De Stijl style is found, in particular, through a few dominant elements: straight lines, rectangular shapes but also thanks to three strong colors: yellow, blue and red.

The adaptation of the residential building to its new function was carried out by the famous Polish studio Archas Design.

Among the architectural solutions deployed for this project: the use of polished sheet metal panels on the top floor which gives substance to a mirror effect on the facade. The use of Siberian larch panels on the lower facades also gives character to the work, while the attractive colors chosen for the window frames plunge us into a childish universe...

From the threshold of the kindergarten, attention is drawn to the large glazing, through which daylight penetrates deep into the building.


Visuals ©: Archas Design

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