It's a proven fact: water is a vital resource that is becoming increasingly scarce. Faced with this alarming reality for Humanity and for the planet, many artists are committed, such as Sebastião Salgado, Brazilian photographer, who offers an unpublished collection of photographs to discover from April 1 to September 22, 2022 at the forecourt of La Défense in Paris. An exhibition produced on the occasion of World Water Day, in partnership with UNESCO. 

Through his works, the Brazilian photographer wishes to alert the population to a theme close to his heart. A reality that no one can ignore and which threatens life on earth: global warming. One of its many consequences? The source of all life on the planet is becoming scarce, jeopardizing the future of mankind and of biodiversity as a whole. 

This reality, Sebastião Salgado has immortalized it through strong images, images that are almost self-sufficient as they are so eloquent. 

Thus a natural structure of 1000m² in bamboo will host this collection of unpublished shots. In terms of atmosphere: subdued lighting, musical and sound entertainment by the composer François-Bernard to immerse visitors in an atmosphere of serenity and make them live a real sensory and spiritual experience. A framework designed to invite them to question and raise their awareness of environmental issues. However, to raise awareness, you must also inform. 


From April 1 to September 22, 2022 

Forecourt of La Defense in Paris


Visuals ©: Sebastião SALGADO, Contemplation Endowment Fund


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