From May 21 to August 27, 2022, the Hotel Torrentius (Liège), classified as an exceptional heritage of Wallonia, opens its doors to the public for the first time as part of the first intramural exhibition of the Jeanne & Charles Vandenhove Foundation, Torrentius' dream. 

In addition to giving unprecedented access to this exceptional architectural setting, the exhibition offers an intimate dive into the work of one of the greatest names in Belgian architecture, Charles Vandenhove. 

Under the curatorship of Patrick Corillon, Le songe de Torrentius emphasizes the personality and artistic impulse of Charles Vandenhove through his notebooks, models, prototypes of objects, plans, publications... and also through a film showing the entire Hotel Torrentius and produced by Patrick Corillon, for the exhibition. 

This exceptional place, never before open to the public, sheds new light on Charles Vandenhove's way of working. Place of choice for this intimate exhibition, the Hotel Torrentius. 

Current headquarters of the Foundation, this high place of work for Charles Vandenhove has housed the offices of his workshop. Within its walls still resides the spirit of his work and his passion for contemporary art: the company of his books and also works by many Belgian and international artists (Sol LeWitt, Daniel Buren...) with whom he has forged close collaborations, teamwork in the workshop, but also a relationship to the past because this is his first "renovation" of a place steeped in history. 

Note, in parallel with the exhibition, a walk in Liège in the footsteps of Charles Vandenhove, architect and great collector, to discover his completed projects, or not (visitor's guide available free of charge at the Foundation). 

An exhibition to be found from May 21 to August 27, 2022, Hotel Torrentius (Liège).


Visuals ©: Small figurines: The dream of Torrentius, Raoul Lhermitte, Caesar course: The dream of Torrentius, Raoul Lhermitte


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