Presented at The Uninhabitable Space exhibition in Valencia, "Punished to the Corner!" Storage is a concept devised by designer Cristina Toledo. An object that complements the architectural support that hosts.

"Punished, to the corner!" is a small piece of furniture to fix on a wall in a corner of a room. Placed in height, it appears as an ideal solution for small spaces, allowing to free the soil while using a rarely exploited surface. Coming to fill the corners, it seems to complete the architecture that supports it. Once the hood is closed, the object also conceals its contents. 

Storage is not here an object in itself but a complementary object, an object that is grafted onto the architecture to exist. Before being put in tension with the wall, the piece of furniture is only an object in the making. The furniture and its function are born when it meets the frame. 

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Source: Woohome

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