Studio BISKT was born in 2018 from the meeting between the French ceramicist Charlotte (born in 1989) and the Belgian industrial designer Martin (born in 1990). At the crossroads of art and design, the studio reinterprets traditional ceramics and imagines a manufacturing process hybrid between industrial production and craftsmanship.

Charlotte and Martin are interested in the way our everyday objects are made. Since 2018, they have been working on new forms from extruded clay, and thus reinventing ceramics.

Pump, their first project in extruded clay produced with four hands comes in a form of sweet churros in different formats. From this experience of the material result creative vases with multiple assemblies. Then, after doing extensive research on clay extrusion, they created a furniture collection called “Balik”. If the flagship product of the range is a bench, which consists of a seat in enamelled extruded earth, placed on a metal base, the seat can also be transformed into a swing or a shelf according to the creativity.

Halfway between design and art, the sculptural creations of Studio BISKR breathe a breath of modernity into ceramics. 

To learn more, visit Studio BISKT website.

Visuals: © Studio BISKT


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