The Dutch studio of interior architecture and design Framework breathes new life into a house located in the financial district of Amsterdam (Netherlands), now the new Eldorado for city dwellers and expatriates. For sponsors passionate about design, the agency brings together plaster walls, ribbed marble, parquet and terracotta floors, custom-made furniture and antique furniture.

Thomas Geerlings, the founder of Framework, promotes timeless interior architecture, always available in beautiful materials and sober colors. From concept to completion, each renovation project is approached according to three criteria: living heritage, innovation and knowledge. Far from being motivated by the development of a signature style, the Framework teams always respond to their customers with interiors tastefully presented and tailor-made.

When carrying out its renovation project "Private openness", the interior designers opted for an arrangement and decoration taking advantage of the constraints of space to enhance its full potential. In the center of the house there is now a sumptuous spiral staircase, a central element that allows both to serve all floors, from the ground floor to the roof, diffuse the light and create the identity of the house.

From the softness of the materials used to the chosen furniture, Framework designs a bright and intimate house, whose vocation is above all to be a living space.

An interior as comfortable as it is confidential.

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Photographs: Kasia Gatkowska

Léa Pagnier

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