"It's not the destination but the journey that matters most." This is Stylish Bath, an exclusive retail space designed by Studio Ardete. Objective: to highlight sanitary ware, with a sinuous organic circulation according to a homogeneous interior-exterior atmosphere and a lively play of light that creates an immersive and soulful experience.   

Creating intimate and engaging spaces: this is the goal that Studio Ardete has set itself for the design of this exceptional showroom.

Stylish Bath is a chain based in Ludhiana, India, which retails sanitary ware and accessories. The showroom, located in the Hexalace Building, Sector 82, Mohali, Punjab, is built on an area of ​​1524 m2 and has been designed in order to create an interactive and engaging experience.

Here, the architects wanted to introduce natural elements into the built spaces, such as water, vegetation, light, or even noble materials such as wood and stone. In short: bringing the outdoors inside. 

Enough to awaken the senses, and more particularly the sight thanks to transparent curtains letting diffuse a delicate natural light. 

Visuals ©: Ar Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

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