The collective of architects 4point5 presents "Ilot Urbain", its winning project in the competition for the creation of urban furniture organized by Defacto, the public establishment in charge of the management of the La Défense business district. Designed by Gilles Lefèvre and Léonard Gugi, this "Urban Island" is architectural and modular furniture made up of wooden ribbons. Extending over an area of ​​100m2, it offers an open space with multiple uses, allowing you to rest, wait, have lunch, sit down, play. L'Ilot Urbain thus integrates seats, displays, plans, lighting, vegetation, bins for waste collection, a stage to host performances, etc.

This project will be exhibited on the Esplanade of Defense on the occasion of the Biennale 1ère street furniture of Defence March 29 2012 31 in December 2012.

On this project, the collective 4point5 states:

"It is made up of different sequenced bands, each of them responding to one or more of the proposed uses. Thus the structure of the block is made up of different levels and sub-levels where we find benches of different heights. , to sit down or rest or wait. You will also find tables to welcome employees and visitors at lunch time. Stages and platforms can accommodate ephemeral artistic and cultural events, then considered to be a real added value in this area. universe made up mainly of executives and senior executives receptive to this type of approach and wishing to cultivate themselves. Taking into account the maximum of the determined uses, constitutes the main strength of this project. The idea which generated this concept was determined on the principle that the structures of the district of La Défense are mainly composed of cold minerals such as glass, concrete. The bet against the foot, to contrast with this tte austere atmosphere, was a solution integrating plants, warmer and rarer too ... hence a plant island of full foot in the middle of mineral structure on floors. "

For more information, visit the group site 4point5.

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