Tarkett launches its new full-featured concept consisting of five design, technical and 100% phthalate-free vinyl ranges.

These five ranges - Platinium, Excellence, Acczent Unik (free standing), ProtectWall (wall protection) and Tapiflex Stair (flooring for stairs) - form an overall 100% coordinate solution. This concept has been conceived so that each decoration can be declined and assembled, in order to offer a complete, efficient and harmonious design solution. Thus, the collection offers infinite creative possibilities: mix and match the hues and patterns of floor coverings, combining them with wall and stair solutions, for a bespoke, original and design universe. Tarkett renews the decorations of U80U3 heterogeneous vinyl coatings at 4% and improves the technicality of its ranges to meet the specific constraints of different spaces such as healthcare establishments, dedicated to seniors or education, but also shops, businesses, hotels and offices.

Intelligent ranges, developed around the color circle and the light concept
Tarkett Designers have thought new ranges around two essential concepts: color and light. For color, they based their research on the color wheel to create a complete color chart around primary colors and secondary colors. The color circle highlights the relationships between the basic colors and allows for beautiful color harmonies. The different ranges can therefore be combined and associated to achieve a coherent and trendy set. The colors are superimposed, from the lightest shade to the darkest shade. Creative possibilities are multiplied. Architects can play with shades of colors and effects of matter.
These ranges have also been inspired by light: the use of lighter soils saves energy by carefully calculating surface reflectance levels. Light also contributes to the well-being and even the well-being of patients and users. The Tarkett Designers started from these findings, and took care to lighten the coatings by measuring the luminous reflectance (LRR) of each color in the range. They have thus identified three advantages of light. First of all, its warm appearance: the light humanizes the places, reassures and comforts the users. Tarkett therefore offers sets with textile effects that bring softness to spaces. Then, the light is energizing: it draws its strength from nature, vitalises and resource. Tarkett develops clear, pure and raw wood decors and mineral materials such as terrazzo. Finally, light is connected: it carries information, binds people. Tarkett imagines graphic patterns, pixels, leds and neon.

Tarkett is a global leader in innovative flooring and sports surfaces solutions. With a wide range of solutions integrating vinyl floors, linoleum, parquet floors, laminates, carpets, sports floors, synthetic turfs and athletic tracks, the Group serves its customers in more than 100 countries in the world and sells 1,3 million square meters daily floor coverings for hospitals, schools, housing, hotels, offices, retail and sports fields.

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01) Nursery equipped with the Excellence-ProtectWall range
02) Range Tapiflex Stairs
03) Hotel lobby equipped with Platinium range
04) Composition of Platinium range
05-09) Excellence Range
10-11) Platinium range
12) Available colors and patterns

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