6634-miaw2018-materials-humanscale-quickstand-eco-accueil-logo-bdIntroduced in 2015, the sit-stand solution Quickstand developed by the American company Humanscale now has little brothers. Yes QuickStand Lite pointed the tip of his nose in 2016, it is now QuickStand Eco to make an appearance. Ergonomically and ecologically, this workstation allows you to alternate your posture in the office, thus limiting health concerns while improving productivity.

QuickStand Eco is a stand-alone solution with minimalist design that can fit more than 95% of offices with fixed positions. With its self-supporting base and counterweight system - which does not require a crank or control box to adjust the height of its tablet - this tool is a disconcerting simplicity of use. Just put it on its work surface and integrate, depending on the model, its laptop or fixed, alone or with one or two screens. Afraid that your PC is falling? Able to support up to 15,9 kilos, QuickStand Eco also has a self-locking system, eliminating the risk of bad fixations of the computer.

"Why alternate his position at work? Simply because sitting still seriously hurts your health! [...] It is imperative to preserve one's health at work and for that it is necessary to favor movement. Sit-stand solutions are the good alternative to sedentary work. " Santiago Pardo, Ergonomist Consultant Humanscale France

Most QuickStand Eco compared to other models of the brand? Its consideration of ecological and responsible dimensions. Indeed, the product's design scrupulously follows the brand's sustainable development policy, namely to minimize the consumption of materials, energy and manufacturing waste for a limited impact on the environment. So, QuickStand Eco contains neither formaldehyde nor PVC and is manufactured from a reduced amount of parts. In addition, some of its components are intentionally designed to be easily replaced - and thus reduce the obsolescence of the object. And, thanks to its high quality resistant materials, it lasts in time without its performance being altered.

An aesthetic product that helps to improve the lives of office workers while keeping an eye on the planet. QuickStand Eco has everything good!

More information on the site of Humanscale

About Humanscale

Created in 1983 in New York (USA), Humanscale is one of the pioneers in the field of well-being and ergonomics in the office. Concerned about the health and comfort of employees around the world, the firm offers functional, aesthetic, affordable and easily usable solutions.

QuickStand Eco is the winner of MIAWs 2018 in the category Offices / Ergonomic workstation.
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The choice of the editorial staff

The editorial office of Muuuz dreams of acquiring one of these sit-stand stations signed Humanscale! A search for comfort combined with an ecological conscience that has charmed the entirety of the magazine that rewards QuickStand Eco a Muuuz International Award 2018 in the category Offices / Ergonomic Workstation.

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