The “MA” project is first and foremost a family affair. The land, bought by those close to the architect in the early 2000s, was once a typical Vaucluse farmhouse blending into the landscape. Taken over by the Extra Medium teams 4 years ago, the house is thus transformed into a haven of peace where landscape, charm and design coexist in harmony.

Rehabilitating a place steeped in history is not an easy task, especially when a sentimental bond unites us to the building. However, this is the bet that the Extra Medium firm has launched, which revives an old family farm by injecting it with a welcome touch of modernity.

The house, buried in the hills, enjoys an exceptional situation which gives it a monastic, intimate and pleasant character. Qualities highlighted by the architectural biases of the agency in charge of the project, which sees this rehabilitation as a chance to give new life to this family heritage. The existing structure was carefully deconstructed in several phases. The footprint and the envelope have been revised but still respect the proportions of the old construction. Inspired by the vernacular architecture of Vaucluse and the history of the site, the project managers reinterpret the characteristic materials of the region, finishing the walls with lime and using old tiles for the roof.

Inside, calm reigns. Using various local materials - stones and marble in particular -, the different spaces are soothingly clear. The bright rooms are warmed by a subtle presence of light wood, which can be found on the furniture or window contours.

A most comforting home.

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Photographs: Simone Bossi

Zoe Térouinard

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