Between art and social archeology, the Parisian photographer Jean-Pierre Attal observes contemporary architecture offices. Behind the glass facades, as in a hive, life unfolds, teeming, countless, anonymous.

In this series, Jean-Pierre Attal says:

"The architecture of the current offices having evolved in the direction of greater transparency, I decided in 2007 to explore again this favorable ground for the extension of my work of social archeology of the urban stratum. These large photographs format apprehend the reality of individuals closely linked to contemporary architecture. They explore the world of tertiary work through the glazed openings of contemporary office towers. It is in very close proximity that they show these piles of 'floors saturated with employees, revealing the frenetic activity of a bustling beehive. Open spaces then become fully accessible and reveal the details of a standardized universe that usually escape us. In the architectural chaos, it is finally the recurrence and the obsessive repetition which lead to the fainting of beings under "X".

For more information, visit the website Jean-Pierre Attal.

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