Specializing in textile design, designer Donna Wilson today comes out of her comfort zone and offers an extravagant collection of seating and mirrors, presented at the latest edition of the London Design Festival. A series of furniture with shapes and colors as original as fun that proves that the design can also be light!

How to go from textile design to carpentry? The designer Donna Wilson, seeing her inspiration run out of steam, tries to give a new impact to her imagination by drawing and painting without any purpose, at least initially. Satisfied with her graphic work, she later decided to give life to her abstract compositions through the practice of wood. A collection is born!

Including a bench, three chairs and four mirrors, Abstract Assembly is the result of a traditional joiner join using oak, beech and Douglas fir. The different colored shapes offering the strong identity of each element of the series are the three-dimensional translation of the designer's watercolors.

Each piece of furniture is only available in 10 copies and all editions are painted in different colors by Donna Wilson herself. What to ensure all those looking for the rare pearl that their new seat will not be present at the neighbor.

A pop and unique collection!

To learn more, visit the site of Donna Wilson

Photographs: Donna Wilson

Zoe Térouinard

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