Studioparisien is above all a meeting, a human and artistic evidence.

Laurene B. Tardrew and Romain Jourdan, in their forties, both grew up in environments conducive to culture, the art of living, creation, architecture and design.

She discovered, at a very young age, the painting workshops in the Montparnasse district, museums, art galleries, the theater ... Her parents, and in particular her mother, passed on to her a taste for simple and beautiful things, a passion for books. , art, painting and architecture. She naturally found her way by studying interior architecture at Pennignhen.

He, spent long hours with his father in his architectural firm, began to draw and gradually discovered a passion for design and architecture and above all a particular sensitivity for beautiful materials and Items. Yet it is first towards communication that he directs his first professional choices to quickly turn to creation, scenography and artistic direction. Drawing on their respective experiences, they each set up their own agencies: scenography and design in 2008 for Romain, interior architecture in 2010 for Laurene.

Their meeting ? In 2007, during an event in the luxury sector, Romain was looking for an architect and illustrator to express his scenography ideas: a landscaper friend highly recommended Laurene to him. “It’s love at first sight, a revelation” they stress together! They are immediately very accomplices in their tastes and aspirations. Their collaboration is fluid, they are both different and complementary. A fusional artistic sensibility led them spontaneously to create in 2013 their interior architecture agency: Studioparisien.

From Cartier, one of their very first clients, who subsequently entrusted them with more ambitious projects, via Albert Boghossian in Geneva, Studioparisien's DNA is to be able to constantly write new stories, to invent new ones. matters imbued with meaning and identity. Their curiosity is more keen than ever, they like to launch new challenges, explore new playgrounds, engage in new and constructive dialogues. So there is no shortage of ideas when the world of luxury, fashion, jewelry, cosmetics or even catering calls on them. Houses such as Piaget, Azzaro Couture or even Karl Lagarfeld often give Studioparisien carte blanche, so that its creative vision is as complete as possible without distorting the very essence of the brand.

And it works ! Customers are surprised, seduced and become loyal by subsequently entrusting them with other projects, other stories to tell.

Less than ten years after the creation of their agency, Laurène B. Tardrew and Romain Jourdan, are happy and proud of the journey started, the meetings accomplished, the projects carried out and are excited at the idea of ​​what tomorrow will bring them ... namely , unexpected !

Studioparisien has chosen the showroom gallery of the fabric publisher Métaphores, place de Furstemberg in Paris, to present a September show in late summer colors during Paris Design Week from September 9 to 18 (Exhibition extended until 'as of December 31, 2021). 




To learn more, visit the site Studioparisien.


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