At the start of the school year, the Parisian gallery Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois (6th arrondissement), specializing in the contemporary period and New Realism, exhibits the sculptures made by Jean Tinguely in the 1970s. Disparate assemblages of heterogeneous objects, selected creations for this hanging reveal the subversive and fanciful aspects of his work.

A terrible child of contemporary art and the second husband of the famous Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely is a fanciful draftsman, painter and Swiss sculptor who marked the second half of the XIIIth century. Notorious for his monumental installations as The Cyclop Milly-la-Forêt, as well as for its ambitious projects such as the Garden Tarots in Tuscany, the artist has produced many works, some of which are less well known.

From September 13 to October 20, 2019, “Bricolages & Débri (s) collages”, whose title refers to the 1974 “Débriscollages” exhibition organized by the Bischöfberger gallery in Zürich, focuses on the period 70, a pivotal decade in Jean Tinguely's career. It was indeed in the 1970s that the creator experimented with sculpture in his own way. Indeed, the colorful sculptures presented at the gallery are festive and referenced. Dadaism, Constructivism, Suprematism are all sources of inspiration for the artist. Animated sculptures and removable light sculptures, motley lamps and wallpapers thus deride the technique in the heritage of the avant-gardes of the turn of the century.

In parallel with this hanging, the other space of the Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois Gallery creates a dialogue between works by Jean Tinguely and those of his friends, from Niki de Saint Phalle to Jacques Villéglé.

A sensory immersion in the experimental work of Tinguely!

Photographs: André Morin / Leonardo Bezzola, Courtesy NCAF and Galerie GP & N Vallois, Paris

To learn more, visit the website of the Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois

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