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Since his beginnings in 2002, the French decorator Guillaume Alan has relied on a coherent and sensitive approach to interior architecture, and in all his projects distils an aesthetic that is as timeless as it is luxurious. The recent delivery of the Trocadéro and Victor Hugo apartments in Paris confirms its excellent reputation. Meeting with a passionate decorator.

Muuuz: What is your background?
Guillaume Alan: I was born and I grew up in the world of architecture and decoration by the profession of my parents and an antique grandmother.

Can you tell us the story of the agency?
Very young, I wanted to share my own approach to decoration. I opened a first design office at the age of 22 in rue de Bourgogne, in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, in an architectural and structured setting that I designed, tight lines alongside a concrete floor. against a backdrop of 2011th century paneling. My first furniture collections made by the best craftsmen are also presented there. It was a great success, the inspiration was to renew French classicism with a minimal stroke. In XNUMX, we opened a second design office in Mayfair, London. Today, the studio works worldwide for an international clientele.

What is your approach to interior design? What characterizes your style?
I am in line with the great interior decorators such as Jean-Michel Frank. I sign the architectural design of the place, the interior decoration, the design of the pieces of furniture until the selection of art pieces. Powerful lines, impeccable proportions are balanced by the curved lines of the furniture, the textures and the palette of tones, all in gradations. Materials are carefully selected. I like working with ash and oak woods, natural marble, brass, bronze, cold wools, cashmere, leather, silk and linen. I develop a very pure approach to space, where luxury meets radicalism, without adornments or superfluous elements. I thus defend a minimalist vision of interior architecture, always inspired by history, and lead a quest for timelessness, calm, serenity and emotion.

What relationship do you have with your customers? How do you see the renovation of an architectural property?
At the studio, since our beginnings, we have had very strong relationships with our clients. Seduced by our high standards and our sensitivity, they now give us white cards. This possibility of being able to imagine and create without constraints is really extraordinary.

What are your current events or projects?
Beyond private projects, we receive a large number of requests for commercial, retail and hospitality projects. It is absolutely fascinating. Once again, relationships based on trust are forged, with genuine adherence to the ideas and creation championed by the studio. These numerous collaborations allow us to continue our quest for perfection and excellence. Our current projects also include artistic direction for international brands.

To learn more, visit Guillaume Alan's website.

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