Through this new project, PANDA NANA wishes to offer a futuristic technological experience to visitors to this bar located in the city of Zhangzhou in the province of Fujian in China. Breaking the traditional definition of cocktails & whiskey bar, the project reflects a raw, avant-garde, fearless and futuristic aesthetic.

The future is today. Here is the message that the architectural firm responsible for this original project is trying to convey, through daring choices, akin to science fiction. Indeed, the interior is constructed by artistry and technology, creates the illusion of being in a world that would be somewhere in the distant future. Right from the facade, the architectural touch is essential: its three-dimensional visual effect catches the eye and transforms an ordinary cover into a real sculpture. 

The entire space shatters all frames and all definitions. From outside to inside, round curves and grids fill the premises with a modern digital atmosphere. Moreover, whether it is the astronaut at the entrance or the "unborn human beings" at the bar, the consumer is immersed in a parallel dimension.

Much like the futuristic paintings, the interior design features a dynamic aesthetic, using organic curves and changing light to bring an immersive multi-sensory experience.

The visual network wall also composed of organic curves breaks the sense of the border and the axial relationship in space but also the horizontal and vertical composition to offer a new visual experience.

Light and color recall the space theme. The lighting can change colors and flashing frequency according to different styles of music and scenes. When the light is reflected on the stainless steel wall, it spreads to every corner of the bar… A total immersion in a science fiction film.


Design Company: PANDA NANA

Chief Designers: Lin Jiacheng, Cai Xuanna


Visuals ©: Inspace and Plume Vision


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