It's a new experience to which interior designer Fabien Roque invites us. After having enlivened the capital with its achievements such as Maison Albar Hotels le Vendome, the Yakuza restaurant by Olivier Paris, or even Le Pley and its recording rooms, this rising figure in luxury unveils a new project this time turned towards nature and eco-responsibility. 

Only a few kilometers from the capital, this future haven of peace will appeal to city dwellers in search of nature. 

Echoing the green spaces that border this place of life, Fabien Roque wanted to integrate in all areas of the hotel, from the 60 rooms to the common areas, materials that are natural or refer to nature. Thus, the walls are covered with a raffia-like wallpaper, the table tops of the restaurant are in green marble from Guatemala, and there is wood and canework in all the spaces to give a warm and cozy touch. . The whole thing creates a deliciously soothing atmosphere.

To show that nature is queen, the architect has integrated interior vegetation into the common areas, letting a lush jungle shine through. 

This desire for vegetation and quality is also found in the restaurant "A l'Epicerie" foodtime by Aix&terra and its regional bistro cuisine, highlighting its chefs and partner artisans, a magnificent cheese bell more than 2m high and almost the same diameter, bar, natural product shop, made in France and 50% organic. 

And to perfect the well-being of guests, the Atypio Hotels Resorts network wanted the presence of its other markers, which are the 2.00 library, a magnificent cinema lounge and other leisure facilities available to travelers, with the pretty label of Fabien Roque .


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