In Santo Tirso (Portugal), the Hous3 architectural firm reinterprets the traditional Portuguese house with a contemporary look.

Erected on a small hill, the Santo Tirso House imagined by Hous3 offers a breathtaking view of the city of Santo Tirso. This contemporary house of 286 square meters is characterized by simple lines and large volumes, as well as a gable roof emblematic of traditional Portuguese architecture.

Oriented in the longitudinal direction of the land, the house is articulated around a main volume, which divides the house into two distinct spaces: the private space, which has a corridor serving the bedrooms and the office, and the Open plan living space, which includes living room, dining room and kitchen. The architects designed the spatial organization of the house so that each room is bathed in natural light and open onto the garden thanks to large bay windows, while creating a warm and contemporary interior.

Due to the simplicity of its interior and the originality of its layout, the house offers a living environment that is both peaceful and friendly to its inhabitants.

To learn more, visit Hous3 website.

Visuals: © ivo tavares studio


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