At 91 years, the Argentine artist Julio Le Parc orchestrates an unprecedented meeting between kinetic art and ceramics. From his last residence at the Manufacture de Sèvres, he created colorful creations inspired by the vast palette of the Cité de la céramique. A return to color that is exposed to the Galerie de Sèvres (1er arrondissement) until November 23.

Master of kinetic art and laureate of the international painting prize of the Venice Biennale in 1966, Julio Le Parc is a major figure in contemporary art from the 1960 years to today. His optical creations - illusionist paintings, luminous sculptures, monumental installations - have earned him exposure on the international art scene. His work has indeed been honored in prestigious institutions, including the Palais de Tokyo in 2013, MET Breuer (New York) in 2018, or the National Museum of Fine Art in Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 2019 .

After his white porcelain biscuits that had caused a sensation at the International Fair of Contemporary Art in 2018, Julio Le Parc returns to color with a second series. A multicolored Pierre Charpin vase revisits its series "Alchimies", while a mobile 121 fine porcelain plates dresses in the colors of the Manufacture, Sèvres blue and gold 24 carats.

Following his two residencies, Julio Le Parc experimented porcelain creatively. Fruit of the meeting between a craftsmanship and an illusionist artistic language, the pieces produced reveal the hypnotic streaks and sinuous lines dear to the artist.

From art to ceramics, Julio Le Parc surprises us once again.

To learn more, visit the site of the Manufacture de Sèvres - Cité de la céramique

Photographs: Rebecca Fanuele / DR

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