In Singapore, the agency architecture and design Wallflower sign that house of concrete and wood. Between modernity and Asian influences.

On this project, Wallflower says:

"The owners wanted a spacious, contemporary House That Would Be as open as possible to aim without Compromising security and privacy at the Sámi time. Surrounded by neighbors on furnace sides, the is solution fully fenced compound with a space program That internalizes spaces Such As pools and gardens Normally Regarded as external to the envelope of the house. By zoning spaces Such as the bedrooms and servants' quarters on alternative levels, ie 2nd storey and basement levels, the ground plane is freed from walls That Would have beens required if public and private programs were interlaced on the Sámi flat. The see-through volumes allow a continuous, uninterrupted 40m view, from the entrance foyer and pool, through the formal living area to the internal garden courtyard and formal dining area in the second volume. All thesis spaces are Perceived to be dans le built enclosure of the house.

The environmental transparencies at ground level and entre courtyards are significant in passively cooling the house. All the courtyards-have Differing material finishes and The Therefore Differing heat gain and latency (water, grass, water, granite). As long as there are temperature differences entre courtyards, the living, dining, and pool house Become conduits for breezes That Move in between the courtyards, very much like how land and sea breezes are generated. At the second storey, solid hardwood louvers That can be adjusted by hand allow the Desired amount of breeze and sunlight to filter through.

Environmentally, the contiguous space and encourages the Slightest Interconnected breezes, whether They Are and The Therefore prevailing air movement is horizontal, gold convectionally circulated, qui the courtyards help generate. For the owner, it is the experiential serenity That unencumbered space, a gentle breeze, dappled sunlight and the hush of water rippling on a pond That is priceless in our dense and busy urbanscape. "

For more information, visit the website Wallflower.

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