For savvy customers surf sports, the architect Athanasia Psaraki and Archivirus agency conducted in Athens heightening of a house whose interior is organized around a skateboard ramp.

In this project, wood dominates, pergolas and trellises connecting the new to the existing. However, the intervention of architects is not just a simple extension since it redefines the living space in its entirety. 

By creating a ramp in the heart of the house, they integrate the practice of skateboarding daily occupants. 

Mixing wood and concrete, the project brings together a little more the domestic universe and that of the street. Usually straight and taut, the lines here curve and draw the profile of the ramp. 

In the interior space, the ramp integrates with ingenuity and becomes the central element. She invites the practice of skateboarding between the kitchen and the rest of the housing she partitions and unites at a time. 

Under the surface, the ramp also conceals technical spaces and storage.

Source: Arplustest

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