With the Rig Resort, Morris Architects agency proposes to transform the obsolete oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico sea of ​​hotels.

Several awards including winner of the Grand Prize competition Radical Innovation in Hospitality, This project was designed by Morris Architects, architecture firm based in Houston, Orlando and Los Angeles.

Assuming that the 4000 oil rigs operating in the Gulf of Mexico will be obsolete and unused in the coming decades, Morris Architects is looking at their requalification.

The bridge of each facility by more than 6 000 m², so it's a total area of ​​24 000 000 m² that designers have to reprogram off the American coast.

The Morris Architects agency intends to use this opportunity in order to create unique living spaces at the intersection of issues of high-end leisure and environmental approaches.

Their proposal, the Rig Resort is a resort in a natural environment offering accommodation and outdoor activities.

The spaces are organized around a core-water reservoir that stabilizes the building while a theater with aquatic shows.

The Rig Resort takes advantage of the wind, waves and sun to generate energy for its own operation.


The ocean is omnipresent in the project, the view is panoramic, including the glass floor of the lobby or from the white sand beach on the roof equipped with pool.

For more information on the project is right here .

And for more information on Morris Architects visit their website.

Source: Radical Innovation in Hospitality

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