To discover the new advertising campaign Shelter, working for the British association housing the poor. An elegant and sensitive spot featuring fragile architectures playing cards splintered under his breath.

The real estate crisis raging in the UK. Many families are unable to repay their loans and are evicted. Faced with this situation, applications for assistance from the assocation Shelter are becoming more numerous.

To raise awareness and call for donations Shelter has told Leo Burnett London design its new advertisement "House of Cards". With music of Radiohead, houses and buildings made of stacked cards is collapsing before our eyes. A reflection on the fragility and on the disastrous consequences of some speculation on green carpet.

Discover the spot "House of cards"

[youtube] ubOYEauu5AY [/ youtube]

Discover Shelter from the mini-site dedicated to "House of Cards".

Source: Onlike

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of architecture in newsstands


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