Designed by Japanese architects, the Paco House is a home hyper-compact and extremely clever. Available versions and proposed 4 from 46 000 USD, it offers some tips particularly inspiring.

Recently exhibited at the Tokyoite Gallery Happa, the Paco House is the brainchild of Japanese architects Jo Nagasaka and Schemata Architecture. 

From the outside, the Paco House looks like a white cube meters 3 aside. A perfect cube, abstract monolith and immaculate, opaque and mysterious, with no detail or apparent breakthrough.

Equipped with hydraulic cylinders, the top of the cube is ajar, offering light, views and ventilation. Even closed, the interior is bathed in natural light through a skylight overhead.

Manufactured to 80% factory, this housing solution takes full advantage of renewable energy and is part of an eco-friendly approach (use of solar, wind, indoor lighting by LEDs, water recycling and toilet green).

For sleeping, the Paco House will offer you a hammock. Simple and sophisticated at the same time, it is made of a woven textile 3 dimensions for improved elasticity and comfort.

This small space also offers a shower and toilet built underground, the user accessing it through a hatch in case of need.

Next to the front door, the kitchen is made of synthetic 10 mm thick material panels.

For meals, it will suffice to raise a retractable table hidden in the ground.

Paco in the House, special attention is paid to land use and its thickness. Coated with a glossy epoxy and immaculate treatment, soil cover multiple functionalities. Table, toilet bowl, shower as well as sleeping space addtionnel and storage are well integrated on the underside, or accessible by retractable doors, to free the space to the maximum.

The Paco House is available in 4 versions, partially or fully equipped and available at rates between 46 000 and 69 000 USD.

To learn more, visit Paco.

Source: Architecturephoto

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