New modeling software, World Machine 2 allows you to create 3D sites and environments of stunning realism. Available for PC, this software is for professionals 3D but also to artists, creators of video games and special effects studios.

World Machine 2 is a complete, latest-generation terrain modeling solution allowing the creation of finely detailed or more stylized terrains and natural environments. From a blank page, you will be able to draw the reliefs, mountains, hills, cliffs and the most diverse movements of land.

Thanks to numerous tools, World Machine 2 makes it possible to model and visualize in real time 3D complex reliefs with hyper-realistic textures and light effects. The application also offers libraries of macros for the creation of your own textures.

Compared to the previous edition, World Machine 2 offers many innovative tools and features. The software thus takes into account the geological parameters, makes it possible to simulate erosion and thus create landscapes shaped by the centuries, to add cavities, reliefs and roads.

Once the 3D model is created, it will suffice to export it to the rendering software of your choice. To facilitate the import and export of files, World Machine 2 also supports most common formats in the sector.

Check out some examples of projects and models created with World Machine 2:

Created by Eoin Armstrong.

Created by Olivier Cousinou.

Created by Richard Street.

Created by Richard Street.

Created by Laurent Avenel.

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