Nestled in the meadow, La Petite Maison de 2M26 has nothing to do with the accommodation of Charles Ingalls and his family. A secondary residence lost in the countryside, the complex uses wood in a resolutely contemporary way. Back to a small building that has everything of a big one.

Designed by the creation studio based in Kyoto, La Petite Maison is a guest house located in Charente Maritime, in the small town of Guitinières. A bucolic site where fields, a wood and an orchard coexist that the architects wanted to preserve as much as possible thanks to a reduced footprint and the use of local and recyclable materials.

Built on site - with the help of the owners - from a concrete base, the structure is made from Douglas planks. The wooden house with a surface area of ​​35 square meters is closed by two layers of sliding doors and shutters, protecting from the sometimes violent winds of the region. A massive presence of openings on the landscape which also promises many variations of views on the environment.

“In a minimum space, we offer many possibilities to open the house to the surroundings, to the sun and to the air. " 2M26

Inside this residence designed for two people, four rooms partitioned by mobile screens include a roofless patio, providing this living space with unparalleled overhead lighting. In the living room, the furniture, also signed 2M26, gives pride of place to Douglas fir wood from the region thanks to a contemporary interpretation of this material full of possibilities.

An invitation to contemplation.

To learn more, visit the 2M26 site

Photographs: DR

Zoe Térouinard

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