Fibois AuRA, which brings together all the professions in the region's forest-timber industry, has mobilized, with its entire regional network, to identify the carpenters-fitters wood manufacturers in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. . Thus, on June 15, Fibois AuRA, will officially launch the first regional directory of woodworking carpenters and fittings.

Promoting the know-how of passionate professionals, this directory, which will be sent to architects and interior designers and made available to the general public, aims to develop the use of wood material in interior and exterior fittings, public and private works. Reflecting the diversity of the profession, the directory brings together different sizes of joinery and a very eclectic range of know-how (joinery, interior and exterior fittings).

One ambition: to promote the regional know-how of carpenters and fitters Already initiated by Fibois Ain, this departmental action, taken up on a regional scale, aims to instill a real regional dynamic between the players in the sector. From the almost hundred-year-old family business, to the SCOP, through companies keen to offer eco-designed solutions, companies labeled EPV (Living Heritage Companies) or specialized in the restoration of heritage joinery, the 161 companies identified in the 12 departments of the region offer a wide range of services. This directory lists professionals in interior design (layout, furniture, kitchen, dressing room, staircase, parquet ...), joinery and exterior closures (wood, wood / aluminum window, shutter, sunshade, gate, etc.) and the landscaping (layout, terrace, furniture, palisade, fence, garden sheds ...). Working all types of wood and in particular the 9 main species present in the region, such as spruce, fir, oak, chestnut, douglas, Scots pine, beech, ash and larch, the carpenter-fittings manufacturers d'Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes offer their know-how to architects, interior designers, public or private companies as well as individuals. From the small structure of one or two employees to the company of more than 100 employees, these companies have in common the commitment, the passion for their profession, a great capacity of adaptation and a tailor-made support in the various stages of the project.

From the paper directory, to the dynamic online version Available from June, in the form of a printed catalog, the regional directory of AuRA woodworking carpenters and designers will be distributed to all architects and interior designers. of the region. It will also be available on request on the website and offered in a downloadable pdf version for professionals and individuals, from June 15. Secondly, in order to enhance its pool of professional carpenters and wood-fitters, Fibois will also offer a dynamic version that can be viewed online at, from September 2021. It will then be possible to search by department, by product or know-how, by company, or even by species of wood. The complete files for each listed company (presentation, know-how, species offered, products, etc.) presented in the directory will also be available on the website.

About Fibois AuRA:

Fibois AuRA is an association under the 1901 law which brings together all the professions of the forest-wood sector in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, from forestry activities to wood construction, including sawing or the production of fuelwood. In a region where forests occupy 37% of the territory, the forest-timber industry is a significant economic sector with 20 companies and 000 jobs. Fibois' role is to support the development of this sector, which provides jobs and is virtuous for the environment. In terms of timber construction, it thus carries out information and promotion actions with project owners and project managers, advises and supports them in the design and implementation of their construction projects. Fibois AuRA receives financial support from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, ADEME and the Regional Directorate for Food, Agriculture and Forestry. Fibois AuRA is based in Lyon and has a site in Lempdes (63). Territorial associations are located in Ain (Fibois 000), in Ardèche-Drôme (Fibois 63-01), in Isère (Fibois 07), in the Loire (Fibois 26), in the Rhône (Fibois 38).


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