No architectural plot of Orange's new head office escapes the bamboo solutions of MOSO® International. Installed from floor to ceiling through the walls, the preeminence of bamboo characterizes this large-scale project located in Issy-les-Moulineaux. This ambitious and innovative project is signed by the VIGUIER agency, promoted by Altarea Cogedim.

Spread over 56 m², Orange's new headquarters called “Bridge” can hardly go unnoticed in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Its strategic location, both close to the city center, well served by transport and on the banks of the Seine offers a promise of comfort to future occupants of the premises. For this highly symbolic project, the architectural firm VIGUIER wanted to select a small number of materials in order to achieve a harmonious and coherent whole between the exterior and interior architecture. The choice of bamboo, metal and mineral thus made it possible to achieve the expected result, that is to say a unified and clear whole. The interior design project consisted of covering with bamboo the areas widely open to the public and events, the ground floor or the passageways. Deriving from these predefined zones which constitute the heart of the project, the firm ensured a continuity of the bamboo cladding through the elevators, their landings, the toilets and the interior terraces located on the floors. In the same logic, this approach has been applied to the outdoor landscaped spaces, that is to say on the roof terrace, on the balconies and the square.

The choice of plant material did not immediately focus on bamboo, and should initially only concern parquet. The architect initially advocated oak, the option of which seemed relevant in view of the planned deployment over wide, varied spaces that are particularly stressed by passages. In the first place, bamboo seduced by its technical qualities. This material fulfilled all the constraints in terms of puncture resistance, and it had strong advantages in terms of durability and flexibility. Thus, its flexibility allowed all creative daring. Anxious to respond to this aesthetic requirement, MOSO® has demonstrated its ability to listen and adapt. The company mobilized teams from its production site, located in China, to match the color of the floor covering until the desired finish was obtained. Convinced, the architectural firm then decides to decline bamboo not only on the floors, but also on the walls and ceilings. Bamboo is a flexible material with unlimited possibilities in terms of application. Depending on the manufacturing method, it can just as easily be installed indoors as outdoors. A total of 8 m600 of BambooPlex flooring is installed inside the building, in passage areas and staircase steps.

Sustainability in favor of environmental issues.

MOSO® bamboo is a sustainable material. It is not a wood, but a grass. This plant has the fastest growing in the world, reaching up to 1 meter per day. Thanks to its rhizome system allowing a very high renewal of bamboo canes, its production does not cause deforestation. This essential aspect contributes to reducing the environmental impact.

About Moso:

With more than 20 years of experience, MOSO® international is the pioneer of innovative bamboo solutions for indoors and outdoors and the only bamboo producer to operate globally. Based in the Netherlands, MOSO® international has offices in Spain, Italy, South Africa, China, the United States and the United Arab Emirates and employs a total of 75 people.



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