It is in the heart of the Roseraie district, in Angers, that the Oasis residence will soon emerge. This project, led by Podehlia Accession, the regional branch of Action Logement Immobilier, was launched with one objective: to encourage social diversity within the district. A residence designed by Brunet Architectes.

It is on a plot located at 7 rue de Beauval in Angers, in the Roseraie district,  

that 95 housing units will see the light of day. Premises which precisely house the former offices of Podeliha, destined for demolition, and which are therefore now in the process of becoming something completely different...

5 buildings and 95 new homes built by the end of 2024: this is the objective that Podehlia has set itself. This new real estate project has been designed to house a wide choice of apartments, from one-bedroom to four-bedroom family apartments, at affordable prices, in an environment that is both residential and commercial, designed to obtain generous volumes and large balconies, offering nice views.

And for good reason: the inhabitants of this future “Oasis” will benefit from an environment where nature will come to embellish the architecture, with green spaces, exotic plants in order to create…“an oasis of well-being”. On the other hand, the future residence will allow all of its inhabitants to benefit from the immediate proximity of shops and public transport.

In order to be in harmony with the external environment, the buildings will combine wooden and coated facades. The wood, chosen to integrate into a natural space, will give a warm aspect to the whole in order to create a space of conviviality... 

This new operation is not just a real estate project. It is also an idea. The idea that sometimes architecture can be used for something other than to look pretty in the decor. 

Common spaces are also used to meet people, to create links between individuals who sometimes have nothing to do with each other, in short to create social diversity.

This is how this residence was designed Around the idea that accommodation is not just accommodation. For Podelhia, the interest is to encourage meetings between the inhabitants. Several paths will be created and will lead to shared gardens with benches and picnic tables.

Through its regional subsidiary, Action Logement wishes to reaffirm its commitment: to offer pleasant places to live, accessible to as many people as possible, and to help with social integration.


Visuals ©: Podeliha


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