American artist based in Paris, Sean McGinnis makes us discover his latest installation called "Cathedral", a nave made of ropes and strings, woven between the trees in a forest path. A work produced as part of the contemporary art festival "Horizons - Rencontres Arts Nature" in the Massif de Sancy in Auvergne.

In this installation, the site of Horizons - Arts Encounters Nature says: "" Cathedral "consists of strings and ordinary son / industrial, woven on site creating an arch, a portion after the" architecture "of a path in the forest, using only the already existing points grip as branches or rocks. It is intimately linked to its environment and can not exist without, or after being transplanted. the bright colors of son tend to heavily mark a contrast with the surrounding greenery. It symbolizes a drawing in three- dimensions, a magical ghost structure, which moves with the wind, which changes according to the passing angle. the work created in four weeks is made entirely by hand. "

Also discover our previous article on installing "A lotus for Noreen by Sean McGinnis."

For more information, visit the website Sean McGinnis and that ofHorizons - Arts Encounters Nature.

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