With his "Next" series, photographer Pierre-Arnaud Gillet looks at one of the most striking internet phenomena of recent months:, a random dialogue website with webcam. Using and diverting the concept, he photographs his interlocutors, moments of their lives, their places of life sometimes. Discover Chatroulette users and their interiors.

On this work, Pierre-Arnaud Gillet says:

"" Next "is my latest project, based on the amazing world of Chatroulette.

Chatroulette is a very diverse world where the worst alongside the best. Microcosm of our society through the small window of our webcams, we find all through his random mode.

Unlike the practices of social networks today, you never know who or what you're gonna get.

We manage all our image. Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Skype, our virtual image is everywhere, simple and multiple and try to control at best.

Since these people "gave" their image spontaneously with strangers on the other side of the world, I wondered how they would react to a goal when they are already in front of goal. That of their own webcam.

Camera at the screen, I press "Next", click, I take a picture.

Fingers, threats, smiles. Some hide in shame, others enjoy the game and play, laugh his lungs to be fallen into the trap.

By combining these reactions, creating meetings by associations of images, I create a link between partners who have not met. I tell new stories, probable or improbable.

Visually, under each webcam, its grain, framing the choice of "partner" brings an incredible set of images of our world 2010.

Sex, fame, love, talent. Everything is on Chatroulette. "

To discover all of the series "Next" visit the space Flickr Pierre-Arnaud Gillet.

For more on "Next" visit Pierre-Arnaud Gillet.

And to access, it's here.

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