Discover two artistic reflections on public toilets. The first, designed by Monica Bonvicini, allows the user to see without being seen. The second, created by the design studio Oloom, remains transparent when not in use.

With the installation "Don't miss a sec", the artist Monica Bonvicini gives us a very personal vision of public toilets. Built as a one-way mirror (see also photo above), it offers a panoramic view to the user while protecting him from the gaze of passers-by. Certainly unsettling.

Photo credits: Ai Binami

Based in Lausanne, the design agency Oloom has developed a model of public toilets that is also original. Its walls are made of glass provided with liquid crystals. When energized, the glazing remains transparent, when the current is interrupted it becomes opaque. The user thus preserves his privacy by pressing a simple switch.

Discover this project video by clicking on the image:

Video by Spaniard

Source: Today and Tomorrow

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