Milan (Italy) sees its walls peeling off for Design Week. On the Via Tortona, for the duration of the event until the 14 April, the sculpture of the artist Alex Chinneck "Remembering the Future" reveals the dazzling underside of the Spazio Quattrocento.

The talent of the sculptor Alex Chinneck is manifested in monumental creations of a theatrical nature. To animate the spaces and buildings on which he works, the British artist 35 years uses the various scales of public space to reveal the most intimate aspects of architecture.
It is in this approach that he conceives the work "Remembering the Future", transforming the perception of matter, and reconciling a visionary work in a surrealist work that questions the limits of the possible in the field of architecture.

The installation exposes one of the 17 meters wide facades of the Spazio Quattrocento on Via Tortona, and exposes parts of the walls and interior floors. The building he transforms becomes a work of art, taking unexpected forms and revealing its faults and cavities.

After digging the ground and digging the walls, he adds a zipper that seems to come off effortlessly, baring the concrete. A removable skin that exposes cracks, casually, as technical as playful. Matter, inside and out, unfolds like cloth and peels, in a daring act, the envelope of the building. A semicircular opening peels the gray floor inside to reveal an immaculate opening through which emanates a supernatural light. The clear and raw lighting seems to dissolve from these crevices in the ambient environment.

The artist is not at his first attempt since a similar intervention on a neglected building is visible in Ashford (United Kingdom)

A creation that can challenge gravity!


To learn more, visit Alex Chinneck's website

Photographs: Marc Wilmot

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