De Pool from Jacques Deray to Swimming Pool by François Ozon, passing by The Swimmer by Frank Perry, the pool has often been a source of inspiration for the visual arts. Designed for Villa Noailles (83) in 2018, the photographic series "Domestic Pool" by Romain Laprade celebrates the dream pool of Alain Capeillères. Tart visuals that smell good in summer.

Color photographs, taken by Romain Laprade, magnify the swimming pool designed by Marseilles architect Alain Capeillères, in the early 1970s, for his summer residence in Six-Fours-les-Plages (83). A remarkable achievement built sheltered from the mistral on the slope of hostile terrain on the Côte d'Azur.

Covered with more than one hundred thousand small white earthenware tiles, this outdoor setting accommodates a 25-meter-long pool with a diving board, rest areas with hammocks and a large terrace with views of the Mediterranean. First revealed by a photograph taken by Martine Franck in 1976, the forgotten masterpiece of Alain Capeillères resurfaced in 2018, thanks to the photographic report by Romain Laprade.

Behind the young Frenchman's lens, the exterior of the property fascinates. Romain Laprade has indeed tried to unlock the secret of this open-air paradise by revealing the beauty of the curves and the gridded surfaces. The framing, tight or full frame, as well as the play of shadows and lights, sublimate a summer place out of time. A very elaborate series which recalls that the unique architecture of Alain Capeillères invites you to enjoy summer without concession.

A series that makes us want to take a dip.

To learn more, visit Romain Laprade's website

Photographs: Romain Laprade

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