Since July 1, the Center Pompidou has dedicated a major retrospective to the couple formed by Christo Vladimiroff Javacheff (1935-2020) and Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon (1935-2009), honoring the most emblematic works of their Parisian period. The opportunity to (re) discover the career, the approach and the process of creation of this couple, whose work marked the spirits! 

“My projects are site works. This is how Christo defined his monumental projects, from temporary packaging of monuments, such as the packaging of the Pont-Neuf in Paris (1985) and that of the Reichstag in Berlin (1995), to the interventions of the duo in the landscape like the nylon curtain. orange linking two massifs in Colorado (1972), the islands encircled by fuchsia pink fabric in Biscayne Bay in Florida (1983) or the barrel mastaba installed on Serpentine Lake in the United Kingdom (2018).

Far from being limited to the spectacular dimension of Christo's work, the exhibition entitled “Christo et Jeanne-Claude. Paris! »At the Center Pompidou presents the Parisian works of the couple in a dense but fluid course. Curator Sophie Duplaix has chosen to address the diversity of the practices of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, with an emphasis on their Parisian period (1958-1964) and the project The Pont Neuf Wrapped (1975-1985). Bringing together nearly 80 works, the first part of the exhibition traces the beginnings of Christo and Jeanne-Claude, from their meeting in 1958 to their installation in New York in 1964. The second section, for its part, brings together a collection of 337 pieces - drawings, collages, studies, archival documents, objects, photographs, a model - to present the genesis of the packaging of the Pont-Neuf in Paris.

This educational exhibition, centered on the Parisian years of Christo, manages to fairly accurately reflect the evolution of the work of this iconic couple, and allows the public to understand the complexity of their art. A preamble to the ambitious packaging of the Arc de Triomphe, scheduled for September 2021.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Paris !, from July 1 to October 19, 2020, at the Center Pompidou (75004).

To learn more, visit The site of the Center Pompidou.

Visuals: 1) The Pont-Neuf Wrapped, Paris, 1975-1985 © Christo 1985, Photo © Wolfgang Volz
2) Temporary wall of metal barrels - Le Rideau de fer, rue Visconti, Paris, June 27, 1962 © Christo 1962, Photo © Jean-Dominique Lajoux
3) Packaged portrait of Jeanne-Claude, 1963, polyethylene, cord, oil on canvas signed Javacheff, mounted on painted wood panel, 78,5 × 51,1 × 5,1 cm, Collection Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego © Christo 1963, Photo © Christian Baur, Basel
4) Purple Store Front, 1964, wood, Plexiglas, metal, enamel paint, fabric, paper, electric light
235 × 220 × 35,5 cm, Collection of the artist © Christo 1964, Photo © Wolfgang Volz
5) The Pont-Neuf Wrapped, Paris, 1975-1985 © Christo 1985, Photo © Wolfgang Volz
6) The Arc de Triumph (Project for Paris, Place de l'Etoile - Charles de Gaulle) Wrapped © Christo 2018, Photo © André Grossmann

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