Designed by Dutch designers Louwrien Kaptein and Menno Bolt, 90 ° Furniture is an interior design solution consists of modules be unfolded, both walls and furniture items. Between architecture and design, a practical, lightweight, flexible, easy to move or retract.

The furniture system Furniture 90 ° consists of four modules with distinct functions: sleeping, office, storage and cooking.

Each module is composed of two flat panels and hinged opening to 90 °. Each of these panels is itself made up of cut and articulated elements, forming as many shelves, worktops, shelves or fold-seated in a wink. These many elements articulated thus offer a multitude of possibilities and usage scenarios for each module.

The different modules make it possible to partition the domestic space while qualifying and furnishing it. By combining in many ways, they offer so many interior design possibilities.

These hybrid cells, both furniture and walls, simple, lightweight and unfolding, appear as a flexible and mobile solution particularly clever and suitable for small spaces. Find below some pictures of a situation module

For more information on the work of Louwrien Kaptein and Menno Bolt, visit captain Bolt.

In the same style, also discover another example of foldable furniture with our recent article "Private Dining, foldable dining".

Source: yankodesign

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