Three works reinterpret the piece Area, a table designed as a surfboard by British designer Christopher Duffy in 2009. Founded by the latter, the creative agency Duffy London presents this brand new collection "Curve" in an exhibition of the same name. Surfing and art have never done so well.

The original creations of the Duffy London studio revolve around the notions of gravity, geometry and illusion. Aware of the current ecological crisis, the agency produces exceptional pieces always handcrafted by qualified professionals from the United Kingdom, using environmentally friendly materials. Among the essential pieces, we notice the table Abyss, an illusionist replica of the sea depths and the whole swing Bar, a playful play that makes us fall back to childhood.

Combining the same respect for the environment and the same creativity, the "Curve" edition is inspired by the shape of traditional balsa wood surfboards. The arched form confers indeed a humorous dimension to each sculpture, while the ribs of the raw wood remind the waves.

Exhibited in a stripped scenography, the pieces of the collection are the focal point of the whole space. Sometimes placed on the ground, sometimes hanging on the wall, each board folded 90 degrees seems to defy gravity.

Amazing works that play with our perception!

To learn more, visit the Duffy London website

Photographs: Duffy London

Léa Pagnier

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