Galerie MICA collaborates with Studio Briand & Berthereau to create a collection of modular, timeless and functional tables. The gallery and the studio are counting on a great economy of means and unveil this fall the “Askorn” collection, a range of creative tables.

The “Askorn” project, literally “bone” in Breton, is the result of a collaborative reflection between the MICA Gallery, founded in 2001 by Michaël Cheneau in Saint-Grégoire (35), and the Studio Briand & Berthesur, created in 2011 by Joran Briand and Arnaud Berthereau, on the economy of means and the functionality of objects.

From these exchanges was born a customizable piece, a simple “backbone” that can be assembled differently with cast iron feet and be unique each time. Without frills or superfluous elements, Asksans first assembles itself to become a simple coffee table. The transparent top and its reflective base are added only to magnify the main cast iron piece.

A collection as creative as it is responsible.

To find out more, visit the Mica Gallery websites and Briand & Berthereau Studio.

Visuals: © Lise Gaudaire


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