Mythical figure of the city, the hotel people our urban landscape. The Pavillon de l'Arsenal (4th arrondissement) showcases it in an exhibition that traces the history of the hotel industry since 1818 and discusses, on the eve of the 2024 Summer Olympics, its prospects for to come up. A realistic inventory of Parisian and Parisian hotels.

Until 12 January 2020, the event "Hotel Métropole - Since 1818" tells two centuries of history of the French hotel business, from the opening of the iconic Meurice (1er arrondissement) to the transformation of hotels into places of life , through the modernization of the hotel industry in the face of mass tourism.

Under the leadership of the two guest curators, Catherine Sabbah and Olivier Namias, the exhibition invites you to discover the history, the news and the future of the metropolitan hotel. The course opens with a quantified assessment of the hotel industry in France. We learn that the Paris region counts 2 450 hotels and that the industry generates 47 500 direct jobs. Figures confirming that attendance at these establishments is still increasing despite the attractiveness of new accommodation platforms. The exhibition continues with the history of hotel architecture before exploring the uses, various variations and future projects of the hotel metropolis.

The Arsenal Pavilion also gave carte blanche to four architectural firms to imagine the hotel of tomorrow.
The architect Lina Ghotmeh questions the hotel room by creating a "capable room", a space of 24 square meters adjustable in office, living room, recording studio, while the Ciguë agency designs an open-air chamber with a bathroom that reduces 70% the usual water consumption thanks to an elaborate system of pumping and filtration.
For his part, Jean-Benoît Vétillard reinvents the passage between the street and the lobby with a canopy of vegetable fiber energetically fed by the drum holder of the airlock. The agency Vorbot associated with the architect Nicolas Dorval-Bory reinterprets the corridor entirely in wood.

These four prototypes address the future of the hotel industry by considering climate and environmental issues, inviting visitors to reflect on the future of the hotel in the light of the ecological transition.

The hotel architecture has not finished surprising us!

To learn more, visit the Pavillon de l'Arsenal Site

Photographs: Salem Mostefaoui

Léa Pagnier

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