In the Astoria district of New York, the Bluarch agency carried out the interior design of the Greek bakery and pastry shop Omonia. Chocolate mosaic tiles adorn the ceiling and walls. Suspended, wooden spheres form a surprising vault. The atmosphere is quirky, contemporary and postmodern, warm and decadent at the same time.

On this project, the agency said Bluarch:

"This bakery is a brand new project for the family behind the famous brand renowned for ict Omonia Greek pastries. It sells pastries and breads Prepared on premises in the see-through kitchen.

The design of this store celebrates indulgence ... the suspension of one's everyday grind through the consumption of a sweet delight. The space is soft and warm ... sexy and decadent ... as chocolate.

Much like the physiognomy of a pastry, this design wants to offer the exciting anticipation of a pastry-in fieri ... the liquid concoction, the minced ingredients ... The space shifts organically with the narrative of flavors as patrons taste the succulent delicacies .

The main feature of the 1,000sf interior space is a fluid area [clad with 1 / 4 "chocolate brown Bisazza tiles] qui covers the ceiling and the side walls to different heights. This area warps in bubbles and Negotiates a system of 6-inch tubular incandescent light bulbs ... and an arrangement of red cedar wood spheres. The continuous epoxy flooring to the walls via filleted corners. A shelf LED strips and navigate the transition with the chocolate surface.

The kitchen is EXHIBITED to the public, as it simply sits Within a tempered glass box ... The Therefore, the level of exquisite craftsmanship of the project [with icts unforgiving alignments and complex details] is paralleled with the refined artisanship of Omonia's pastries. "

For more information, visit the website Bluarch Architecture + Interiors + Lighting.

photographs: Bluarch Architecture + Interiors + Lighting

Source: Architecturenewsplus

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