For the new store "Comme des Garcons" Ginza in Tokyo, Paul Coudamy conducted the wooden sculpture. Reinterpreting his cave wood, the Parisian architect imagines two stylized trees of compounds

 near 10 000 wood boards, dressing the pillars to sculpt space.

On this project, Paul Coudamy states:

"For their new" department store "Dover Street Market Ginza in Tokyo, the Comme des Garçons brand asked us to imagine a new interpretation of a wooden cave. Rey Kawakubo's vision highlights the radical contrast between a very neutral architecture : white walls, concrete and recessed lighting with an invasive, wild sculpture that comes to metamorphose the space. Its choice of implantation around two separate pillars has made it possible to create a unique complementary project, in which two giant trees come to explode on the ceiling.

Fantastic Canopy, random and accidental, spreads in space to break the limits of the pit spaces. The fluid energy of this sea of ​​wood, composed of thousands of planks forms a tortoiseshell skin, harmonious and imperfect, the angular curves disseminate and believe on the ceiling in an uncertain explosion.

The 9715 boards, one for each raised from the base of the two vertical pillars were set one by one in a random manner. Without knowing it or to go or what she would finish, sculpture forms a structure which widens to spread horizontally and overhang the space in all directions. United, the two entities seek to reach through the glass walls of the escalator to the building of the center to form a single mass. Around two fluid circulation spaces are formed, the masses of wood break the limits of corners which we know not implantation. The timbers are creating irregular curve which change depending on the view, sometimes fine, sometimes massive. Randomly constructed on the site, the curves Fantasy Canopy, imprecise and free, are carving an object on the border of chaos and plant in the spirit of the brand Comme des Garçons. "

Photographs: Billy Poh & Paul Coudamy

For more information, visit the website Paul Coudamy.

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