The Californian technology company Expensify extends north of the United States and replaces the sun of San Francisco with the rain of Portland, Oregon. A climate change is also accompanied by a new office located in the downtown building of First National Bank. An iconic work now equipped with contemporary tertiary elements, brilliantly integrated into the original Art Deco building.

The building that the Expensify employees invest is not devoid of pace, the teams of ZGF Architects had to find the balance between additions necessary for a tertiary program and minimal architectural borrowing, the technology company does not not being the owner of the walls. Thus, each of the installations devised by the project owners had to agree with the duration of the lease of the occupants.

The set, with a surface of 1 608 square meters, has a central atrium lighted zenith by an Art Deco canopy. It is in this luminous space that the free workstations and other meeting spaces are set up, served by a series of wooden staircases with black steel railing embellished on both sides of conference rooms entirely. glazed, appearing as floating between the widely decorated columns of the bank.

The ground floor is dedicated to the well-being of users and includes a kitchen and a relaxing lounge with comfortable chairs. The upper floor brings together, as for him, several spaces of meeting as straight after the time of the American prohibition! Leather sofas, brass details and speakeasy give this level an elegance worthy of the Hollywood Golden Age. A few steps higher, it is a different atmosphere that awaits employees. The clear wood decks - which are more echoing Scandinavian constructions than American architecture - inspire calm and allow to serenely officiate in this new headquarters.

An achievement where genres and eras blend with harmony.

To learn more, visit the site of ZGF Architects

Photographs: Garrett Rowland

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