Choosing your mattress is not a piece of cake. We don't know which model to go to, we try in a hurry, embarrassed by the looks of other customers and in a hurry by the salespeople to often leave empty-handed, disappointed with this experience which promised to change our nights. A time now over thanks to Maurice & la Matelasserie, a hybrid place where art galleries, a creative workshop and an intimate space dedicated to fitting custom mattresses come together.

"Matelier" is an obsolete profession. But is it really? Inspired by the craftsmanship of his grandfather, Elie Gamblin tries, through the project Maurice and the Matelasserie, to give back his letters of nobility to a less and less common practice. No question, however, to lock yourself in an old niche; Elie is young and resolutely in tune with the times and combines tradition and innovation in a new place located rue Lafayette (11ème arrondissement).

Designed by designers Antoine Lesur and Marc Vénot - 2016 winners of the prestigious Emile Hermès prize - the different spaces of Maurice & la Matelasserie accompany the visitor in a unique experience, between contemplation, introspection and sleep. A complete break with the usual codes of the nightlife, the concept pays particular attention to the comfort and stimulation of sleepers through careful design and various exhibitions and artist residencies.
The customer enters this temple of torpor via a foyer combining a terrazzo floor with a sober brass visual identity and contemporary furniture. The opportunity for him to complete a detailed questionnaire on his lifestyle, helping to personalize his new mattress. And to find inspiration, a first gallery takes place at the bottom of this ground floor where artists are invited to interpret the theme of sleep and dream.

But the experience really begins at the first level, in a first room felted and partially padded with a deep blue coating. No mattress displays as far as the eye can see, but a custom-designed module by the designer duo concealed in an alcove. Named "Oneiros" as a tribute to the Greek god of dreams, this installation presents 46 layers of materials vertically, which can be integrated into the final product. Once the layers are selected - using the well-known questionnaire - the customer is invited to put on pajamas specially designed by the Thai designer Wisharawish to test her new mattress, tilted horizontally thanks to an ingenious electronic system .

If the "Oneiros" is the core of this level, it is completed with an embroidered workshop all pink clad, leading to an exhibition space and residence for three months welcoming the work of designers and visual artists. The duo Thiry-Filliatreau inaugurates this room with installations and furniture inspired by the world of the swimming pool.

A complete set constituting an ode to sleep and art.

Project title : the 111
Location: Paris (75)
Owner: Maurice & la Matelasserie
Mastery of work : Antoine Lesur and Marc Vénot
Surface area: NC
Cost of works: NC
Calendar : 2019 delivery

To learn more, visit Maurice & la Matelasserie website

Photographs: DR

Zoe Térouinard

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